Friday 18 December 2015

Rosemary Colyer

Aylesford Bridge

I wanted to express the peace and tranquility of this quiet, summer day and imagine how many feet, human and animal, have crossed this ancient bridge, in Aylesford, Kent, over the hundreds of years in which it has been in existence!

Sleepy Hamlet

This is a painting of a tiny hamlet, deep in The Cotswolds (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the west of England), which is still untouched by time and is so typical of Old England. I love the subtle light, colours and tracery of the trees in the winter. The Cotwolds is an area of magical uniformity of architecture, where buildings are constructed from honey-coloured limestone. The dry-stone wall is so typical, many were built in the 18th and 19th centuries, so skilfully, as there is no binding agent used. The area became rich, and was famous, for its high-quality wool and there are still many grazing sheep to be seen on the land. This is one of my favourite parts of the UK and brings back many memories.

This piece has been already SOLD.

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